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In the days leading up to his Bar Mitzvah, young Jacob Schneidelman struggles to find his voice and deal with his mishugina family.  Jacob's overbearing mother is on a

Bar Mitzvah planning warpath, involving a personalized oil-on-canvas portrait and a handcrafted chocolate Moses fountain (oy vey).  To top it all off, she won't let Jacob's Gentile neighbor (and secret crush), Sally, take part in the festivities!  Jacob must choose: bow down to his mother like his father does, or stand up to her and finally become a man?


Growing up, the films I most enjoyed – the films that most touched my heart – were coming-of age-stories.  There’s something very special to me that hits a deep emotional cord about watching a hero’s journey on screen as he finds his own voice and place in the world.  In creating "On Becoming A Man," it was a joy to write to that end.  I feel my voice as an artist has grown stronger as a result of choosing to give life to this sweet coming-of-age story.

Runtime: 14:34

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